What’s in The Vault?

March 22, 2019

Your hosts are joined by Chad once again (of Yacht Rock fame) to explore the concept of The Vault, a place were overplayed songs are retired for a period of time so they can reclaim their powers. Michael encourages Chris and Chad to justify why The Vault is necessary, and a list of reasons is presented for why some songs need to be put to rest - at least for a little while. Other songs get Rocket To The Sun status as the hosts discuss music that has been pounded into the ground for decades. Laughs are had, barbs are tossed, and a teen drama television series is righteously defended.

A(war)d Show, What Is It Good For?

February 18, 2019

We take the Presidents Day holiday to record a new episode and give each other an update on our son's behavior. Chris prods me on my lofty expectations for my two-year-old son, and I encouraged him to follow his son's diet of recreational activities. Chris brings up the topic of the Grammys, and discusses how they seem even more irrelevant than usual. The hosts ponder if an organization like the Grammys is losing prominence as the pace of the music accelerates and the scope of music broadens. The conversations expands to discuss the Oscars, and how the film industry in heading in a similar direction. The hosts debate over whether awards shows do (or should) mean anything to a wide audience given that they are still decided by a group of people that are older, wealthier and whiter than the general population. 

The Nostalgia Grab

January 29, 2019

Your hosts briefly detail how the polar vortex scraped their original plans for this evening, which involved a brewery and a night of music trivia. Michael introduces a topic that has been burning his mind, which is the various forms of nostalgia that seem to be spinning in the news. The possible looming death of GameStop is discussed including how purchasing trends of physical media seem to be declining to the point of extinction. Chris talks about some of the unpleasant aspects of the GameStop experience, and Michael ties this into other efforts to capture the attention of similar demographics with nostalgia efforts in games like Dungeons & Dragons and franchises such as Transformers and Star Wars. Chris and Michael detail their reactions to Bumblebee, which both agree was a quality movie that "felt" like it was right out of the 1980's. Michael inquires about the problems with nostalgia, and wonders if the glossed-over-the-rough-edges Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is a sign of people being too keen to celebrate nostalgia in a safe way while overlooking reality.    

The Teal Podcast

January 24, 2019

We're back with an emergency episode about Weezer's Teal Album. We discuss our shared confusion about the aims of the artistic endeavor while going through the album track-by-track, and explore why a popular band from the mid-90's still inspires such blazing-hot takes across the internet. Chris and I talk about what makes a good cover album, or even a good cover song. We throw around the question, "What is the best Weezer album?" while being completely self-aware that Saturday Night Live already executed the best version of this conversation! As a bonus, I got to test out a new microphone and headset combo for the podcast, so it feels good to be back. Stay tuned for more episodes in 2019!

Dead Sara, Gritty & Cultural Speed

October 9, 2018

Your hosts recount a somewhat harrowing return trip from Montana and the hilarious Yacht Rock episode from the summer. Michael complains about the lack of instruction manuals in modern video games, and the hosts transition to discuss a recent concert they both attended to see Dead Sara. Michael talks about his appreciation for the band and thorough enjoyment of the intimate venue while Chris explains the "Minnesota Nice" politeness of Twin Cities' concert crowds. We review the Gritty phenomenon, and examine the costs and benefits of pop culture and news cycles moving so - damn - fast. Michael shares his initial shock at the adult themes and sexism that are presented for one character early in Octopath Traveler, and we close out the show by lining up future episodes.

An Ode to Yacht Rock

August 8, 2018

A special on-location episode from gorgeous West Glacier, Montana! Your hosts sit down on a porch just outside of Glacier National Park to enjoy a drink and talk about a shared family vacation. We discuss how each night of the vacation was given a musical theme, and how everyone was looking forward to Yacht Rock Night. Mike talks briefly about preparing a session of Dungeons & Dragons for a group of 8-12 year-olds, and then our special guest joins the pod to talk about his appreciation of Yacht Rock. Our guest details an elaborate 50-point scale for determining just how smooth a Yacht Rock song can be. A summary cannot do his scale justice; you just have to listen to take in the magic and majesty. We unironically talk about our newfound love of artists like Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins, and how the meaning of songs and music changes for us over the years. Listen as we celebrate our special guest's birthday, and swim in the wake of Yacht Rock's glory!

The Greatest Toy Store There (Was)

July 5, 2018

Chris and Mike briefly catch-up during the early minutes of the episode this week, and (2:00) Mike talks about his efforts to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention around the one-year anniversary of his brother's suicide. The hosts turn to (6:00) the demise of Toys R' Us, and talk about their memories of the store over the years. They explore (14:00) why the store failed, and lament (18:00) that they will not be able to take their kids through the store. A long discussion (28:00) starts about how Chris and Mike played with various lines of action figures over the years including G.I. Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., and He-Man. We celebrate the decades spent in Toys R' Us, and wonder what might come along that could replace that feeling of walking into a HUGE store of so many toys.

Social Justice’s Fallout

June 18, 2018

We return after another hiatus to talk about Father's Day and discuss the challenges of handling open-world games like Fallout 4 (6:00). Mike talks about his roadblocks in Horizon Zero Dawn while Chris laments his long history of leaving games like Grand Theft Auto unfinished (9:00). The hosts share tales of getting owned in Fortnite (17:00), and briefly provide some background on the State of the Pod (27:00). Mike details how he had to use Dungeons & Dragons to sweet talk an internet technician (30:00), and Chris looks for a reaction about the Chris Hardwick news (34:00). A long conversation about privilege and fandom ensues (49:00) including the limitations of online communication (52:00). We discuss how the current political climate overlaps with recent developments in fandom, and explore how responsibile we are as consumers of the same nerd/geek ecosystem.

A Little Bit Unnecessary

March 27, 2018

The hosts catch up after taking a two-week break from recording the show. Michael talks openly about his brother's suicide last year, and describes how he is contacting family and friends to gather stories about his brother's life. At the 15-minute mark, the conversation turns to the new album by Jack White. The hosts express their confusion about the album, and ponder the motivations of Jack White for making it. A long discussion about fandom's relationship with art and artists ensues, and touches on numerous other performers. 

Ready Player Gender Unicorn

March 15, 2018

The hosts talk about recent games they have returned to playing - Magic: The Gathering for Chris, and XCOM for Michael. The hosts explore how stress produced by a game relates to their level of engagement and enjoyment. At the 14-minute mark, the conversation turns to Ready Player One, and stays there for most of the episode. The hosts express their original reactions to reading the book years ago, and detail the growing backlash about the author and elements of the book. The hosts talk openly about being two privileged, White, straight, cis-gendered men, and how that creates blind spots. Other questions are posed during the episode. Can you enjoy a piece of art while disliking the artist? Can you listen to a song by Ted Nugent or John Lennon, and block out the problematic believes those men held? The show closes with another installment of What's On Chris' Turntable - and this week it's St. Vincent.